Grandstream HT881 Analog FXO Gateway


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The HT841/881 FXO gateway series enables businesses of all sizes to create an easy-to-deploy VoIP solution. These FXO gateways offer the ability to seamlessly connect multiple locations and all devices within an office to any hosted or on-premise IP PBX network to make deployments as easy as possible. The HT8x1 series includes FXO and FXS ports to support remote calling to and from the PSTN line. Advanced telephony features, easy automated provisioning, and superb voice quality allow the HT8x1 series to be the ideal VoIP gateway for businesses.

Key Features & Benefits of the HT881 Analog FXO Gateway:

Supports 3 SIP profiles through 1 RJ11 FXS port and 8 RJ11 FXO ports
High-performance NAT router
Lifeline support (FXS port will be hard-relayed to FXO port) in case of a power outage
2x 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 ports, one with 802.3af PoE-PD support
Up to 1000Mbps in Bridge mode, up to 100Mbps in NAT mode
Telephony Features Supported: Caller ID display or block, call waiting, flash, blind or attended transfer, forward,hold, do not disturb, 3-way voice conferencing per port
Supports T.38 Fax for reliable Fax-over-IP
Failover SIP server automatically switches to secondary server if the main server loses connection
Automated & secure provisioning options using TR069
Strong AES encryption with security certificate per unit
LED Indicators for POWER, NET1, NET2, FXS, FXO
Factory Reset Button
Power Supply: POE Input 48V/0.5A, DC Input 12V/1A
Unit Dimensions (L x W x D): 190mm x 100mm x 28mm
Unit Weight: 0.46Kg
2 Year Warranty

Package Contents: 

1x HT881 Analog FXO Gateway
1x Ethernet Cable
1x QIG

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες

Βάρος 0.46 g




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