Ruijie-Reyee RG-EG310GH-E 10-Port, Rack-mounted, High Performance Cloud Managed Router


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The Ruijie Reyee RG-EG310GH-E is a 10-port, 1U 19-inch rack-mounted, full-Gigabit, cloud managed office router. Offers 1 WAN port, 6 LAN ports and 3 LAN/WAN ports. Supports up to 300 recommended concurrent clients, 1.5Gbps max. throughput and cloud remote management. Secure and dependable solution for office, hotel, school, retail, CCTV and more. Benefits: 1.5Gbps throughput high-performance, rack-mounted VPN router for office network Provide powerful VPN for branches and remote workers Provide traffic visualization monitoring, everything in a glance New efficient way of bandwidth management based on application and user Unbreakable multi-WAN, intelligent load balancing Key Features:  1× 10/100/1000 Base-T Fixed WAN Port 6x 10/100/1000 Base-T Fixed LAN Ports  3× 10/100/1000 Base-T LAN/WAN Switchable Ports Max. Throughput 1.5 Gbps Dual Core 1.35GHz CPU  512MB SDRAM / 256MB SPI NAND FLASH  300 Recommended Concurrent Users  Max VLAN 8 Application Based Speed Limit  Key User Priority, Key Application Priority  User Group Based Speed Limit  Behavior Control, Basic Firewall    Max. Management of Reyee Switches 128 Cloud APP, Cloud Web, Eweb Management  WAN Load Balancing  Captive Portal Authentication Multiple LAN Network via VLAN PPPoE Authentication Server 300 Max PPPoE Client Accounts 128 Max PPPoE Active Clients Intelligent Traffic Control Ruijie Free DDNS PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, OpenVPN Max VPN Account QTY 300  64 Max IPSec Active Tunnels   64 Max PPTP Active Tunnels  64 Max L2TP Active Tunnels  64 Max L2TP Over IPSec Active Tunnels 64 Max OpenVPN Active Tunnels 100Mbps VPN Throughput of OpenVPN 230Mbps VPN Throughput of IPSec 640Mbps VPN Throughput of PPTP&L2TP Power Consumption ≤ 15W  Power Supply 100V~240V AC, 50/ 60Hz System LED indicator, Reset button Fanless operation, Air-cooled Heat Dissipation 1U 19-inch Rack-mounted Operating Temperature 0°C~40°C Operating Humidity 10% to 90% Non condensing IP (Ingress Protection) IP20 Port Surge 4kV Dimensions (W×D×H) 43.6*440*200mm  Weight 2.4kg  3 Year Warranty ​ Ruijie Reyee RG-RG300GH-E Series Datasheet Package Contents: RG-EG310GH-E Router Foot Pad (x4) Power Cord Mounting Bracket (x2) M4x8 mm Screw (x6) Power Cord Retention Clip User Manual Warranty Card

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