SecurityTech Σειρήνα συναγερμού WIFI TUYA


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Κάντε το σπίτι σας εξυπνότερο και νιώστε ασφάλεια κατά την απουσία σας .
Θα σας ειδοποιήσει Με ήχο και οπτικά.
Συνδέεται κατευθείαν στο Wi-Fi χωρίς την ανάγκη ύπαρξης gateway. Έχει μεγάλη διάρκεια ζωής μπαταρίας.

* Siren Alarm:Make Sound and Light When Triggered;
* 2.4GHz WiFi One-Key Connect ;
* Easy Setup:DO not need home gateway, you can easily
achieve the intelligent control Of home appliances, simple
operation,easy to use.2.4GHz protocol is more Stable, faster and more convenient;
* Plug and Play Farewell Tedious:small size which do not take
place,plug in anytime to use,easy and convenient;
* Super Alarm Dazzling Light:Smart Alarm,Sound alarm at the
same time flashing, dazzling red light with alarm, full Of power. Easy installation/Music ring reminder/Ultra-bright Led/Work
on day and night/100dB Loud Alarm;
* Make Your home Smarter When you leave home, it Will push notification to you if someone or something are
rush by an external object, you will find
anomalies in your home immediately;
* Small & Compact Appearance reasonable size design,optimize
the internal structure, which bring you convenience,beauty and
* Smartphone Remote Control to Make Your Home Smarter
* Support multi-device controlled, enjoy your smart home with WiFi smart home devices.
* LARGE CAPACITY MORE DURABLE:full of power long
durable,replace the battery is simple, service more intimate.
* 8 Alarm Sound:Optional Ringtones Colorful Life Choose
your favorite ring tone according to personal preference
Intimate design for your smart life

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