WiFi έξυπνη βαλβίδα για νερό /αέριο Tuya


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Valve Pressure:1.6mpa;
 Smart Multi-Control:Voice Control, App Control;
 Support Tuya Smart product Linkage control;
 Material:ABS fire-retardant material;
 Security Mechanism:WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK;
 Close/Open Valve Time:5-10 Seconds;
 Torque:30-60 kgf.cm;
 Media:Gas/Water;
 Type:BALL VALVES, Water Regulating Valves, Air Valves &
 Port Size:1/2″-1-1/4″;
 Usage:COMPATIBLE WITH: Alexa, Google Assistant/Home, and IFTTT;
 App Name:Tuyasmart / Smart life (Compatible with
Android & iOS);
 Smartphone Remote Control:Make Your Home Smarter NO matter how far away from home,the warmth Of home
is in hands;
 Three-step Connect Easy TO Use:CONNECT WIFI

Power Supply DC 12V 1A
Valve Pressure 1.6mpa
WiFi Standard 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Material ABS fire-retardant material
Security Mechanism WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK
Wireless Distance 40M(Max)
Operate Temper 0℃ – 40℃(32°F – 104°F)
Operating Humidity 0% -90% non-condensing
Storage Temper 0℃ – 60℃(32°F – 140°F)
Storage Humidity 0% -90% non-condensing
Close/Open Valve Time 5-10 Seconds
Torque 30-60 kgf.cm
BALL VALVES, Water Regulating Valves, Air Valves & Vents
Port Size 1/2″-1-1/4″ Media Gas/Water APP TuyaSmart/SmartLife
Support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant/Home, IFTT


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